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The two-day national university entrance exam, “Gaokao”, is the world's biggest academic exam. It has been billed by Chinese state media as “the world's toughest” university entrance exam due to its high stakes, competitiveness and intensity, with students pouring everything they have learned in 12 years into a handful of subject tests, each lasting less time.

According to the Ministry of National Education, the final number of applicants for this year's exam was 12.91 million, up 980,000 from last year. The exams can last two to four days, depending on the choice of subject.

China's university admission rate has increased significantly in recent years. Despite this, the gaokao is widely regarded as one of the world's toughest university entrance exams, as admission is based mainly on exam results rather than an overall estimate of a student's academic performance over a period of time.

In Beijing, 58,000 candidates take the gaokao exams from Wednesday to Saturday at 100 testing centres. City authorities have banned construction sites from working at night, while those within a 500-meter radius of any test centre will suspend activities during the day.

Drivers have been told to refrain from honking their horns near test centres, and about 800 traffic police are patrolling the streets with motorcycles carrying extra helmets, ready to take test takers stranded by traffic jams.

Earlier this year, Kang Yi, head of the National Bureau of Statistics, said China's job market is expected to see an influx of 11.58 million graduates from universities and colleges nationwide, putting pressure on the labour market. But he added that job opportunities are expected to increase as the economy recovers and hiring demand increases.


Albania News Agency


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