Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Due to the failure of candidates to secure a majority of 50% in Finland's presidential election first round, today marks the second round of voting.

The presidential race will be between the two most popular candidates from the first round, moderate Alexander Stubb from the Samlingspartiet and green politician Pekka Haavisto.

In recent opinion polls, while Alexander Stubb appears ahead, it is estimated that Pekka Haavisto could close the gap in the final moments of the race.

The President of the State manages Finland's foreign policy in collaboration with the government. The Prime Minister, government, and parliament are respectively responsible for domestic policy and EU policy.

The term of office for the president is six years, and an individual can serve as president for a maximum of twelve consecutive years.

America News Agency


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