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According to the UN Environment Program, 19 percent of all food produced in 2022 was wasted, equivalent to about 1.05 billion tons of food and one billion edible meals a day.

In its report on global food waste, the UN notes that households are the main culprits, responsible for 60 percent of waste. Spread over the entire world population, this means that 79 kg of food per person goes to waste every year.

According to the Swedish National Food Agency, Swedish households throw away about 33 kilograms of edible food per person per year. For a family with two adults and two children, this amounts to about 130 kg in total.

The report comes at a time when 783 million people worldwide are facing food shortages and many countries are facing deepening hunger crises.

The war in Gaza and violence in Haiti have exacerbated the situation, with experts warning of major famines in the coming month.

According to the UN report, the differences between household food waste in rich and poor countries are surprisingly small. However, waste is generally higher in hot countries where it is more difficult to keep fresh food fresh for long periods of time.

In addition, food is more difficult to utilize in countries with extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves and droughts.

Food waste is said to account for 8-10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Reducing global food waste is therefore an important contribution to the climate. The UN's goal is to halve this rate by 2030.

America News Agency


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