Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Successful singer Firuze in the music industry has made an agreement with Soykan Music. Firuze, who signed a preliminary protocol with Orçun Soykan, the owner of Soykan Music, in December 2023, will release all of her works through her new company for 5 years according to this agreement.

Orçun Soykan, the owner of Soykan Music, said, "With Firuze, we prepared a new trend song called 'İhanet' through the collaboration between America and Turkey. We worked with Esad Fidan, a young arranger who has arranged songs for respected Turkish artists like Hadise, Yıldız Tilbe, Pınar Soykan, and Ebru Yaşar, for the song with lyrics and music by Firuze. Esad Fidan, an innovative arranger whom everyone knocks on his door to make a song, arranged the song with a global sound that is exactly what we wanted, and the video was shot in America. While the arrangement of the song was made in Turkey, the vocals were recorded in a studio in America."

Orçun Soykan, stating that they will achieve successful works in the music world with Firuze, mentioned that the song 'İhanet' will be released in January 2024. The song, written and composed by Firuze, had its video shot in America. The arrangement of the song titled 'İhanet', which will be released under the Soykan Music label, carries the signature of Esad Fidan.

America News Agency


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