Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Some excerpts from İmamoğlu's speech:

"Welcome to Istanbul. Welcome to all our people in Istanbul. Congratulations to everyone with the youth of this city, who run with us towards a bright future like diamond. Congratulations to the women of this city, their mothers, their gentlemen, their retirees. Congratulations to all 16 million people who add value to this city, to its diversity, to all its inhabitants, to its diversity, to all the ancient sensations of this city, to all its old feelings. Welcome and good luck!"

"We are in the blessed month of Ramadan. In our faith, in our history, from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic, there is no difference between people. This city is the legacy of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. May his soul rest in peace. Fatih Sultan Mehmet did not only conquer the city. Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered the hearts of every person living in this city. That is why he closed an era and opened another one. We also, starting from 5 years ago, started this strong democratic journey together. We represented the understanding of good language, beauty, uniting with people. I thank the president of our party, the respected Özgür Özel, who, by representing the whole party and all its representatives, deputies, members of the central executive committee, members of the party council, helped achieve a strong success in Istanbul, creating a strong party organ, coordinating our party organization, which works today in Istanbul."

"The Istanbul Agreement, adopted for the first time by the people today, was made by the people for the people. I thank the 16 million Istanbulites who created this agreement in the ballot boxes and made it important. We will discuss all of this."

"We understood that the people of Istanbul told us: In Istanbul, the era of wastefulness has ended. It's over for good. A period of saving and prosperity has begun in Istanbul. A period where the people's money returns to the people has begun. Partisanship is over. There is competence. There is justice, there is a municipal administration based on justice."

"The period where every Istanbulite receives equal and fair services will continue."

"The historical message of Istanbul today, just as it was for us, was addressed to government officials. It gave the order: whoever was chosen to serve Istanbul must show respect. The elected cannot harm the elected. He cannot impose his will. He cannot impose his authority and influence."

"Istanbul said today: 'Dear President, sign the Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü Metro that you have been withholding for 18 months and let Istanbul get this service immediately. Do not hinder, do your job.'" he said.

"People said today: 'I am for peace.' He said: 'I am for democracy.' He said: 'I am for justice.' Istanbul delivered its message. Istanbul did that. For the future, everyone knows what to do. We want it to be a period. I hope for that. But people say, 'I command.' People command."

"The era of one-person tutelage has ended today. The Republic and democracy are moving forward today at full speed. The people have won. The people will continue to win. They will run towards more beautiful things, days, future. Tomorrow morning we all open a new page. Tomorrow morning we wake up in a bright and fresh spring day."

"I got my energy from you. No one can surpass us during this 5-year journey."

America News Agency


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