Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

According to the news of Danish Television DR, the Danish pilot filmed the unexplained lights in the sky over Türkiye.

The unnamed pilot said about the mysterious lights: "I just sit and look. My colleague could see it too and said, 'What is this?' asked. The two lights appeared to be chasing each other. "It looked like there was some kind of dogfight going on," he said.

The video recordings began approximately fifteen minutes after the pilot discovered the two lights. Therefore, he failed to capture the first episode, which he described as a kind of aerial duel.

Former fighter pilot Søren Sørensen, who believes that it is important for pilots to share their experiences and recordings, also cannot explain the lights in the video recording.

Søren Sørensen pointed out that the lights appeared above the position of the passenger plane at an altitude of 10-12 kilometers and said, "Even the most advanced aircraft we know cannot perform such a maneuver at that altitude. It is very difficult to achieve this with the technologies we know today. "I went to those heights with the F-16, and the air there is so thin that the engine does not produce much horsepower and the wings do not carry much," he said.

America News Agency


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