Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

On Wednesday, Samsung Electronics' largest labour union announced that its ongoing strike would be extended indefinitely. The union claims that the collective actions could potentially disrupt production at one of the world's leading chip manufacturing facilities.

The announcement came after a three-day strike ended without any intervention from management.

On Wednesday, the National Samsung Electronics Union said: "After the first round, we confirmed that management has no will to talk with us, so we are declaring a second round of indefinite strike."

The union staged its first three-day strike on Monday, demanding a wage increase and bonuses. The union initially planned to hold a second round on July 15 but decided to start an indefinite strike.

The union claimed that over 6,000 members were willing to participate in the strike. It was reported that more than 5,000 participants would come from the critical semiconductor division.

Several rounds of negotiations held since January have failed to resolve differences. The union demands significant wage increases for 855 members who have not signed the 2024 wage negotiation agreement, as well as a day off for all employees. The union also demands more paid leave, a day off for all employees, and compensation for economic losses incurred during unpaid strikes.

The union claims to represent 31,000 members, constituting approximately 24 percent of Samsung Electronics' workforce of about 125,000 people. The union claims that their collective actions will inevitably cause disruptions in production, as despite semiconductor factories operating with automated systems, equipment maintenance and quality inspection require human labour.


Albania News Agency


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