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The new tools mark a major shift toward AI for Apple, whose global sales have slowed in the past year and which has integrated fewer AI features into its consumer-facing products than its rivals.

“AI must understand you based on context, routine, relationships, communications, etc. This is more than artificial intelligence. It is personal intelligence,” Cook said. “Introducing…Apple Intelligence.”

Apple's new AI system includes generative AI tools to create an automated, personalized experience on its devices. The trailer showed that the company's AI will be integrated into the operating systems of its Mac laptops, iPad tablets, and iPhones, and it will be able to pull information from and take action within apps.

The company also confirmed its highly anticipated partnership with OpenAI during its keynote. It announced that it will integrate Apple's ChatGPT technology into responses from a new version of its voice assistant, Siri.

Executives promised that the new version will offer a “more natural, more contextual and more personal” experience. The new Siri will be able to function as an AI chatbot, receive written instructions, and perform actions within applications based on voice commands. Apple has promised that Siri can examine your emails, texts, and photos to find specific information based on relevant context.

An Apple executive demonstrated that the company's AI can pick out the word "my daughter" from an email, for example, and connect it to the matching phone contact. Apple Intelligence also can summarize notifications, emails, and texts. According to the demo, a group chat involving travel planning can be condensed into a single message conveying who has booked a hotel and when to arrive. Meanwhile, a new rendering tool allows users to create unique emoji reactions, while the new Image Playground feature can create more complex visuals in several different styles.

The ground feature can create more complex visuals in several different styles.

The company also announced an updated operating system for the Vision Pro headset. The virtual reality device, available only in the United States since its launch in February, will also be available in China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France and the United Kingdom within the next two months.

Apple said it will adopt Rich Communication Services to improve messaging between iPhones and other smartphones and expand customization options for iMessage. Phones using Google's Android operating system have used this messaging protocol for a long time. Other incremental updates at WWDC included a redesigned photos app, walking maps in Apple Maps, changes to the Wallet app, customization options for messaging, and satellite messaging in places without cell tower connectivity.

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