Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

The union called for an end to politicians' interference in the state broadcaster amid the censorship debate.

The ruling coalition has been accused of influencing programs, including censoring themes incompatible with its right-wing stance.

Monday's strike came amid a growing debate in Italy over political influence in the media after RAI was accused of censoring an antifascism monologue by high-profile writer Antonio Scurati that was to be read on one of its TV talk shows.

Daniele Macheda, president of Usigrai, the main union representing RAI journalists, told reporters in Rome: "This strike is a response to industrial themes ... But it also has an aspect related to the independence and autonomy of journalists. In Italy, too, things have happened recently that don't give us much hope for how things are going."

Since 2005, the majority of RAI's board has been elected by politicians and its main shareholder, the economy ministry, as part of a law strengthened in 2015 by the centre-left government of Matteo Renzi.

"We have always said that political parties in RAI should be eliminated. From 2005 to 2015, Renzi's law put the control of RAI directly in the hands of the government," Macheda said.

While political influence and game-playing have always been a problem in the RAI, concerns have intensified since the coalition government led by the neofascist-origin Meloni Brothers of Italy came to power in October 2022. Last month, Usigrai accused the ruling majority of trying to turn RAI into its "megaphone".

On Monday, RAI accused Usigrai of "striking with ideological and political motivations that do not concern workers' rights."



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