Deniz polisinden Adalar çevresinde 'deniz taksi' denetimi

Orban traveled to Ukraine last week after assuming the presidency of the European Council and promising to "make Europe great again." He then travelled to Russia, sparking outrage in Kyiv and Brussels.

"Such a meeting would end the presidency before it even begins," Politico reported on Monday evening, citing an anonymous EU diplomat.

"The member states were already uncomfortable with the 'MEGA' slogan. But a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin would permanently overshadow the Hungarian presidency."

Another diplomat, who requested anonymity, said there was "very clear political disapproval" of Orban in Brussels and that ambassadors were "now discussing what exactly they will do on Wednesday".

Daniel Hegedus, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund think tank, argued that the bloc "could get rid of the Hungarian presidency within weeks." Hegedus claimed that Brussels could shorten Hungary's presidency by moving the start of Poland's presidency to 1 September.

This would require a four-fifth majority in the European Council.

Orban rejected criticism that he had no mandate to represent the EU, saying peace missions were not classic negotiations and, therefore, did not need a mandate.

Larger powers could end the conflict, but Hungary could be a " good instrument in God's hands" to promote peace, the Hungarian leader said on national radio last Friday.

Hungary is one of the few EU members that has long criticised the bloc's unconditional support for Ukraine and instead called on Brussels to push for peace.

Budapest has blocked Kyiv's plans to finance arms purchases, refused to participate in a programme to train Ukrainian troops, and rejected the transit of arms and equipment to Ukraine through its territory.

Albania News Agency


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